Orthotropic Treatment

Orthotropic services for Seattle

Orthotropics is a philosophy and treatment focused on proper and harmonious facial development. Its primary objective is a correction of unfavorable growth pattern of both jaws (usually excessive vertical growth and lack of horizontal growth). Such adverse growth has both an esthetic and a functional impact on the patient. It produces longer, narrower, flatter faces with larger noses and sagging tissue later in life; and with lack of proper forward growth of the face, the airway may be compromised. New evidence shows that in growing children, adequate airway flow plays a crucial role in somatic, cognitive and behavioral development. 

Orthotropic treatment helps develop better facial features and wider airways. It is more face centered than tooth centered. As such, it does not produce perfect tooth alignment - but it does significantly improve crowding, Tooth alignment can done later, if desired, with braces or non-brace aligners (phase II treatment). Orthotropics may prevent the need for jaw surgery later in life.

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