Dr Stepanka Chae

Dr. Stepanka Chae 

Born and raised in former Czechoslovakia, Dr. Chae received her first doctorate degree from Charles University School Of General Medicine in Prague, Czech Republic. She then continued with her studies at Boston University Goldman School Of Dental Medicine where she earned her Certificate of Advanced Studies in Orthodontics, her Doctor of Science degree in the field of bone biology, and her Doctor of Dental Medicine degree.

During her studies at Boston University, Dr. Chae published several articles regarding mechanisms of developmental bone remodeling. She was a lecturer to post-graduate students on topics of 'Tooth Eruption' and 'Biology of Tooth Movement'.

After graduation she held an academic post as a Director of Pre-doctoral Orthodontics as well as an Assistant Professor in Department of Orthodontics at Boston University. She has also devoted time to private practice.

After moving to Seattle, Dr. Chae started researching the causes of poor oral and facial development seen in recent generations. She initially directed her focus towards developing a protocol for prevention and early intervention in children to minimize the extent of future orthodontic treatment. However, with time her practice style and more integrative approach started attracting an adult population suffering from chronic headaches, TMJ issues and neck problems.

Dr. Chae's other interests lie in spending time with her family, skiing, reading, traveling. She is a local author, a painter, and a photographer. She is certified in Level I Metabolic typing and has taken extensive continuing education classes in SOT cranial work, osteopathic and chiropractic concepts, physical therapy, nutrigenomics, neurology, etc.